Get CPR certified – and be prepared to help. As part of our mission to train people how to respond to and prepare for emergencies, we offer CPR certification classes that can help you provide assistance when someone is faced with a cardiac or breathing emergency.

Designed, and taught by experts, Red Cross CPR certification courses are OSHA compliant, affordable and available in a range of settings. With in-person, online, and our best-in-class blended Simulation Learning, you can get CPR certified, learn life-saving skills, and train in the way that suits you best.

Y LIFEGUARD PREREQUISITES (Conducted in class on the first day)

  • Must be at least 15 years of age in order to participate in class.
  • Has to complete a 300 yard swim continuously utilizing freestyle, breaststroke, or a combination of the two.
  • Must complete a 20 yard swim, followed by a 6ft dive and retrieve a 10lb. weight, resurface and swim on back to starting point, and exit the pool. All to be completed in under 1 minute and 40 sec.
  • Tread water with no hands for 2 minutes continuously.


Full Certification
$190  Y Member  
$220  Non-Member

$105  Y Members
$140  Non-Members


Kannapolis YMCA
March 16 - 18

Saleeby-Fisher YMCA
March 12, 19 and 20

May 14, 21 and 22
Registration opens April 26

West Cabarrus YMCA
March 19 - 21

April 16 - 18
Registration opens March 26

April 30 - May 2
Registration opens April 9



Saleeby-Fisher YMCA
April 2, 9 and 10
Registration opens March 17

June 18, 25 and 26
Registration opens May 31

West Cabarrus YMCA
March 13


Branch Neighborhood Contact
Corriher South Rowan Aaron Crowe
Hurley Salisbury Tammy Swicegood
Kannapolis Kannapolis Kendra Sanders
Saleeby-Fisher East Rowan Sarah Zander
West Cabarrus Concord Kristen Sminchak