Guidelines for how we can all work together to keep kids safe in our pools.


Safety in our pools is our first priority and our swim policies are designed with you and your family’s safety in mind.  There are layers of protection to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone.  If at any time the lifeguard determines one of those layers is not actively working, an additional layer of protection will be added.

Any member or guest is welcome to use a YMCA provided life jacket, which are US Coast Guard approved, for added layers of protection.  Sizes range from infant to adult.


•  Front crawl 25 yards, without touching sides, lane lines or bottom of pool.  No underwater swim or doggie paddle. 

•  Demonstrate some rotary breathing.

•  Upon completion of 25 yards, swimmer will climb out of the pool, unassisted, without using a ladder.

•  Jump into the deep end, fully submerge, recover and tread water for one minute. 


Swimmers ages 7-12 that PASS the Swim Test will receive a GREEN band to access all areas of the pool.

•  Parent/caregiver of those ages 7-12, receiving a GREEN band,  are required to stay on pool deck.

•  Ages 7-12 that are not in a GREEN band, must either be in a life jacket or have a parent/guardian in the water within arms reach. 


Ages 0-6 years...

•  Anyone 6 and under MUST be within arms reach of a parent/caregiver, at all times and/or wearing a lifejacket.

All non-swimmers 7-12 

•  Must wear a lifejacket, if they DO NOT pass or choose NOT TO TAKE Swim Test and remain in the shallow end of the pool. Parent/caregiver must remain on the pool deck, while child is in the water. 

* The YMCA makes available US Coast Guard approved Lifejackets.  If you choose not to wear a YMCA lifejacket, it must be US Coast Guard approved.

* Any swimmer, ANY AGE requiring a lifejacket will be required to stay in shallow area of the pool.

Updated: 6-7-22