In an effort to increase the opportunities for all members to improve their personal health and wellness, the YMCA has expanded the ages allowed in our facilities.

Members ages 13-15 years may be in the YMCA facilities, including fitness centers and group exercise classes, without a parent as long as they have received an orientation. This age may use selectorized fitness and cardio equipment and can use free weights after completing a teen orientation.

Members ages 10, 11 & 12 are allowed to be in facility, including fitness centers, with parent or guardian in the same room/eye sight. Orientations strongly recommended. Parent or guardian must be a member. This age may use selectorized fitness equipment and cardio equipment but no free weights. This age may also attend group exercise classes with a parent or guardian, but the child must fit properly on the bike to attend cycle class. 

Members ages 9 and under are able to use area appropriate for their age bracket (i.e. racquetball, basketball courts and swimming pool) with parent or guardian, but not fitness equipment. 

*Kids under the age of 10 are not allowed to sit in the fitness centers or group exercise while parents/guardians works out. 

Please check with the wellness staff at your local branch for more information around orientations.